Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Joy of Shopping

Shopping...oh, how I've missed you! I've ALWAYS loved to shop, but I noticed the larger I got the less I enjoyed it. I would see some of the cutest clothes in stores, but when I tried them on it was never a pretty picture. Especially when the whole tunic/empire waist/clingy fabric trend started!

Today my mom and I ventured out to the outlet mall in our area. I really needed some new dress pants for work, and maybe a new sweater or shirt. I'm pretty sure everyone in my office is tired of seeing the same 3 outfits on me at this point. So we headed to the Ann Taylor Outlet. I found a cute pair of pants in an 8 Petite, and a sweater in a small. I instantly fell in love with both - because I ended up having to go down a size in both!!! I was just so happy to even be in the single digits again, so this was a major bonus. I, of course, wanted to buy all the colors they had available for both :).

The one downside - having to get new clothes is going to really cut into my budget!

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