Sunday, October 7, 2012

Amazing inspiration!

Today I had the honor of getting to cheer on Michelle, Kyla and Bobbi at the Chicago Marathon. It was a beautiful day for the runners, and not too shabby for those of use watching. Luckily my good friend Christine is an expert on where to go, and how to figure out when we'd see our runners at the different spots. We did a good amount of walking, but nothing even remotely close to what the runners went through.

To say I was impressed is a HUGE understatement! I loved the runners who had their names on their shirts so I could cheer them on by name. I received so many "thank you's" and high fives from the people I was yelling for, and even some emotional tears (especially around mile 20). The determination in all of them was amazing.

So I'm putting this out here now that I WILL run the Chicago Marathon next year, as a charity runner for Ronald McDonald House Charities. That is such a meaningful charity, and while I've never had to stay at one of their homes, I know friends who have. I figure if I'm going to give my blood, sweat and tears over for this I can also raise money for them at the same time.

So now on to training for Chicago Marathon - 2013!!!!