Saturday, May 14, 2011

Losing my motivation

This week, I started out with high hopes. Last Saturday I ran a 5K, finished in 39:59, which was much, much faster than I normally run. Then on Monday I hit my 25 lbs lost mark at my Weight Watchers meeting. I was so happy to finally pass that hurdle! Other than after having my boys, I've never been able to lose 25 lbs.

Now that I've hit that mark, I'm making my next weight loss goal to reach 150 lbs. That means there are 9 lbs I need to shed, and I want to do that by June 11, 2011 - my sister-in-law's wedding day. I have to get my bridesmaid dress altered soon, so I can't lose too much more before the wedding, but I figure 5-10 lbs won't make that big of a difference.

This week, though, I just have no urge to exercise, and my food choices have not been good ones. Matthew had surgery on Thursday, and I've been exhausted since that happened. I hope this will pass soon, because I don't want to fall back into my old ways.