Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Joy of Losing the Baby Weight

So many women know that struggle of taking off those pesky pounds that crept on over the nine-plus months of pregnancy. I've heard the saying "nine months to put it on, nine months to take it off". In my case, I must not have heard it correctly years ago since it morphed into "nine months to put it on, nine YEARS to take it off". I really need to learn to listen better!

That being said, I can finally say that, after nine looooooooong years, I am finally at a lower weight than I was when I became pregnant with Nathan. It felt incredible to go shopping this past weekend and have to keep going down in sizes - not the other way around. Unfortunately for my husband, I'm back to my love affair with shopping. Now if only I can wear regular boots this year...instead of the "extended" calf which is really just another way to say "whoa, your legs are huge!".

On a completely unrelated note (or maybe not unrelated, since it does have to do with running which is part of my weight loss...) - I was so, so excited that I was able to see all the amazing runners/walkers/joggers this past Sunday at the Fox Valley Marathon. It was incredible to see the strength in all of them to keep on moving when you know something was probably pushing at them to stop. Next year I WILL be with them, instead of just being a spectator. Never thought a year ago that I would ever say that....oh, how much my life has changed!

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  1. I can't wait to say this! I've carried around 20 lbs of "love" for 3.5 yrs and now I've got an another 20 lbs of "love" so I very much look forward to being to my pre-kid weight!!