Saturday, July 9, 2011

One step closer

As of today, I weigh less than I have weighed in over 8 years! I finally am under 150 lbs, and it feels wonderful. I am still technically "overweight", but I'm getting so much closer to my goal weight of 135 lbs. I'd love to be at my goal weight by the end of September, but I know I'll have to work that much harder to get these last 15 lbs off. I hope that as long as I keep up my commitment of 30 minutes of exercise every day, it won't be quite as tough.

I will be doing a 5K in three weeks, then another one the week after that. I want to do at least one race a month, and I do have one I'm looking at for October. It's a 10K! Then in November I will do the Hot Chocolate 5K in Chicago...any race with chocolate sounds good to me :).

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