Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am a runner

I've loosely been calling myself a runner for the last 6 months. I never felt like I actually was a runner, though. In a 30 minute "run", I would probably only jog half that time. So really, I probably shouldn't have called myself a "runner". That changed last week.

The turning point was my week 5 session of the Walk2Run program through Dick Pond. Last Monday, we were scheduled to run 8 minutes, walk 2 minutes, and repeat that three times. Once we finished, I felt great...better than I have ever felt after any sort of work out. I was actually looking forward to doing my homework runs!

I got on the treadmill last Thursday, and found my stride pretty quickly. 8 minutes came...and I felt good, so I kept on going. 9......10.....11.....and on until I had actually run 20 minutes straight. I have never been able to run for that long without a walking break. I did take a quick 2 minute break after that, then finished out the 30 minute run.

This past Monday, our group met for week 6. This time is was run 9 minutes, walk 2 minutes (repeated twice), then an 8 minute run to finish it out. It was hot....and humid. But again, I felt great once we finished. Same thing happened tonight when I ran, only this time I opted for the treadmill. I look forward to my runs, and love meeting up with other runners. It's a pretty great community, and I'm looking forward to be part of it for a long time.

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