Saturday, May 28, 2016

In a rut

And I really need to get out of it and find my groove again. I'm still running (although not that often), and completed the Rockford Half Marathon last weekend. I survived, and it wasn't my worst half so far. But I haven't stuck with anything consistent lately, and it's frustrating me. I also have that pesky 15 lbs hanging around that I can't seem to part with, and that's bugging the heck out of me, too.

As we inch even closer to June I'm both excited and dreading starting up marathon training again - and it has to do with that rut. I'm not as concerned with endurance, since I've managed to pull off 13.1 miles during s run. But I'm so tired of being mediocre....being the one that everyone is waiting for to finish. I always say my expectations are low (namely finish and don't die), but since this will most likely be my marathon I want to be proud of my effort. 

Now I'm not going to to go all crazy and say I want to qualify for Boston, but I'd like to shave some time off my PR of 6:11. I know with some hard work, cross-training, and dedication I can do this. I've already signed up for Coach Brendan's virtual training, and I'm planning to join the Fox River Trail Runners Fall Endurance training. I also signed up for the Dick Pond Fast Track team, so I'm finally adding in speedwork.

It's time to step out of my comfort zone and put some effort into my training. And healthy eating has to become the priority as well. Hopefully with the right foods and training this will be the year I've been hoping for.