Thursday, January 9, 2014

So is this how winter is going to go???

It's certainly been an interesting start to 2014, at least weather-wise. First we had a snowstorm New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, followed by another several inches of snow Saturday into Sunday. At least the snow made for some awesome sledding at the Fabyan Windmill! We even saw a couple who had just gotten married, and stopped by the hill to take pictures in the snow. Going up and down that hill was a great workout - especially when Nathan wanted me to pull him on the sled.

Luckily I made it out for an amazing trail run at St. James Farm with Pat, Melissa, Chris, and several other runners on Saturday morning. You know it's a challenging run when the ice-covered road was my preference for running! I did probably 1.5 miles through about 6" or so of fresh snow, and it really showed my how out of shape I am...yikes!! At least it gave just about my whole body a great workout, and I'm so glad I got out of bed for it.

Sunday afternoon was when the bottom dropped out. The temperatures started dropping quickly, and the wind picked up. By that evening the school district had already cancelled school for the next day. Between the falling temps, the bitter wind, and the drifting snow, it was definitely the right call. It was -25 or so when I woke up Monday morning (thank goodness I was able to stay home with the boys!), and with the windchill factored in, the temperature felt like about -45 to -50. This kept up all Monday, and into Tuesday, so we had another weather day at home. We finally thawed out to a balmy 15 degrees on Wednesday, so it was back to school and work for all of us.

Even though I didn't get a chance to log any miles this week, I still worked on being healthy and active. I made an oh-so-tasty batch of low-fat whole wheat chili mac, and healthy banana muffins and banana bread. Plus I got all of our Christmas decorations down, packed away, and stored for next year. There was a lot of clean-up that followed, but our house if finally back to normal.

So what's up next??? The Chicago Polar Dash 10K...woo hoo!! I can't wait to run this with several of my friends...we're even going to have tutus thanks to Deb! And thank goodness it'll be around 30 degrees, so hopefully the roads will be clear. I honestly have no idea how I'll do. The furthest I've run in the last couple of months is 4 miles. But I truly don't even care. I just want to have a good time and finish. I'm happy to say that my hip/hamstring really has improved quite a bit, I think due in part now to the trail and snow runs. Now bring on the miles!!


  1. Can't wait to run and be silly together tomorrow! xoxoxo