Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh wow...snow!'s snowing yet again...and it's supposed to bring us close to 7" by the time it ends. It's hard to believe we had only had 10.7" this time last year. We had a little bit Saturday night/Sunday morning - just enough to mess up the streets again. I will take snow instead of ice any day, though. And with the promise of warmer temperatures coming later this week some of this will hopefully melt at least a couple of layers.

Thank goodness I got in two runs this weekend! I did 4.2 with the NSRC at Dick Pond St. Charles Saturday morning, and then did 4.1 the next day with the group again as part of the #runlove event they were sponsoring. We did the same route as the day before, but in reverse. There were many hills mixed in on the route, and it was definitely tougher the second day. It felt great to get out there and push myself, though.

After I finished my last post on Saturday, my day went downhill fast. I found out that someone had stolen my debit card number, apparently hacking into my account, and completely wiped out every last penny that had just been deposited on Friday. I felt so violated, and dealing with the bank was so frustrating! Essentially I have to wait for the purchase to be released before I can dispute them. Just one more headache I don't need.

I could have turned to the comfort of a full box of Tagalong Girl Scout cookies (I'd be lying if I said I didn't contemplate that), or finished up that bottle of wine in my fridge. But damn it - these thieves have already made me lose control on one area of my life, and I wasn't going to let them take another part. So I asked Chad if he would take the boys to church on Sunday so I could join the Dick Pond group for the fun run. I wanted - no, needed - to be with the friends I love, and get my frustration out on the hills.

That fun run was exactly what I needed! It was actually over 20 degrees, and there was a great turnout. Plus, with a $10 purchase everyone could receive a #runlove/I love Dick Pond mug. I had $15 in Runner Rewards, and they were offering 10% off purchases as well. So I was able to get a lovely pair of SmartWool socks and the mug for $0.51 - yay!

I rounded out the morning with coffee at Arcedium with my lovely friends (thanks to the gift card I still have from there), and felt so much lighter. It's amazing what running and great conversation can do for my soul!

Now if it this snow would just melt quickly off the roads so I can get back out there for some more miles this week!


  1. before the snow this morning the official amount was 62" this season, the normal amount is 37". It was really horrible driving home. Lucky for me, not many people were on the roads that I was on

    1. I heard that at this time last year, we had just under 11" of snow...from one extreme to the other! Hubby went in to work at 7:00 pm, and he said the roads were awful. He echoed what you said about very few people on the roads...but it still took him 45 minutes to get to work when it should take about 20.