Wednesday, May 29, 2013's that marathon training going?

It's been nearly 4 months since I signed up for the Chicago Marathon. Since then I've decided to also run the Fox Valley Marathon. I think I've crossed from nuts to full-blown crazy. The reason I decided to also run Fox Valley is that it's been such a part of my love of running. I ran the half marathon distance of the FVM Marathon Races last year, and it was an amazing event. The organizers are the best of the best, it's in my hometown, and it was seriously the most fun I think anyone can have when they decide to run 13.1 (or 20...or 26.2) miles! I really wanted Fox Valley to be my first marathon, so there ya go.

So...back to the training. Or should I say - lack of training. My head knows that I need to get miles under my feet this week, and my body will know this very, very soon. But my exhaustion is just sucking every tiny bit of willpower I normally have. This Friday marks the end of our fiscal year, and as with any sales job it's a little insane and stressful. Couple that with a husband who works nights, end of the year concerts and activities for the boys, and just life in general and I'm down for the count. I'm going to be so ready for the boys to be out of school so at least we'll have one less stress to deal with.

This weekend I'm going to get back out and finally kick off my marathon training. I've already planned to go run with the NSRC Saturday morning (Erin will keep me honest!), and I'm going to start bringing my running gear with me when I leave for work so I can hit the trails as soon as I'm out of the office. I know myself well enough to accept that once my butt hits the couch after a long day, that's pretty much it for any movement

Oh, and the best part of my marathon training - getting a new short 'do!

I'm sure this will make me a speed demon...hahaha!

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  1. Looking great lady! You will rock both races, I am sure of it!